Month: July 2017

Another legend gone to quick!

Whenever you talk about the Seattle sound or the grunge scene, Soundgarden is the band that quickly comes to mind. Although, we’ve seen and heard a lot over the years, however, these music legends were phenomenal in everything they did, especially with Chris Cornell as the face of the band. They became the symbol of a generation and made a great fame in rock music

During the early 90s, when Seattle dominated the rock world, these music legends sat on the throne. They shocked the world with their amazing hits and took the center stage on MTV. Ever since then, we’ve savoured every song and every show by these great talents, until the tragic demise of the band’s main man, Chris Cornell. Let’s quickly go down memory lane.

Chris and his classic line-up got their band name from an instrumental installation in their dominance city, Seattle. This installation was known as “A Sound Garden” and consisted of a organ pipes and steel towers which was basically a sculpture of steel and wind. This installation would give out various music notes whenever a wind rushed through its members; such a befitting name for a band that is well known for their grand style. No wonder, many often consign them to a time and place.

Soundgarden mainly drew their inspiration two music eras, the mainstream in the 1970s and the alternative in the 1980s. Their contemporary music often sounded the Beatles, Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. One thing that was striking about the band is their ability to perform in “rows”. They could neither settle for the alternative music which many people expected. They had a crazy transition in arenas and always stunned the crowd; something everyone misses about them. However, some of their songs still sounds mysterious just like their lifestyle. Tracks like Overfloater, Head Down, Slaves and Bulldozers are still popular for their wield lyrics that seems to be completely out of our comprehension. Maybe they belonged to another world…who knows? But it was the deep dark idiosyncratic sounds that gave Cornell and his group their enormous power.

News of Cornell’s death was shocking heartbreaking as it came when we least expected. And for the mere fact he ended his own life, the mystery of the band gets even deeper. Notwithstanding, Soundgarden took the world by surprise, and will always be remembered for their aggressive, yet specific tone. They defined their generation and no doubt produced some of the most iconic rock music. They are truly legends!